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Indoor and Outdoor Palletized Storage Systems

Indoor and Outdoor Palletized Storage Systems

Palettized storage solutions that are adapted for both high density storage of smaller loads, and heavy-duty storage for larger, heavier loads like lumber or metal bars that are used in the construction industry.

The 2 common options for the storage of construction materials are cantilever racks and VNA’s. Cantilever systems offer the option to store inventories both indoors and outdoors, using a supporting roof with either wooden or metal trusses. They can store longer and larger items like lumbar, steel, or drywall. More compact loads like cement bags or paving stones are ideal in a high-density storage area, hence the use of VNA’s.

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Cantilever Racking

An indoor cantilever racking system being used to store lumber of various lengths. This system can also be used to store sheets of drywall.

VNA Rack Storage

Example of a VNA system where floor space utilization is maximized by using narrower aisles and maximizing vertical storage capacity.

COSME offers numerous pallet storage solutions geared for palletized inventory and merchandise for the construction industry. Whether you need to store lumber, seasonal landscaping products, renovation tools, or other construction materials, our pallet racking systems are adapted for both indoor and outdoor storage.

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