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Palletized Storage Systems for the Food Industry

Palletized Storage Systems for the Food Industry

Logistical solutions for food storage and distribution almost always require unique approaches for each client as food and beverage products come in all shapes, sizes, and load specifications. Different food types require different types of palletized storage. Considerations are given to ambient storage and chilled / cold storage rooms and regulatory compliance with regards to health and sanitation.

Different food companies have different challenges: fast turnaround, duration of storage, health and sanitation compliance, etc. We understand and meet those challenges!

Dry, Frozen and Refrigerated Storage

Row of COSME’s MicroFriction™ pushback racks in the cold room of a distribution warehouse for a dairy manufacturer.

Picking Efficiency with Pick-Towers

Pick Towers increases the picking / sorting efficiency in a designated space for faster distribution at various stages of the supply chain.

Conventional adjustable pallet racking systems (roll-form racking) is frequently used for the food and beverage industry where products just need to be stored at ambient or room temperature.  This is the simplest form of racking which gives unrestricted accessibility of pallets in all locations. The racking system can this be configured as a VNA (very narrow aisle) rack and fitted with carton flow racks.

Chilled and Cold Stores require dense storage options to maximise the storage capacity. VNA racking or yet, push-back racks are well-suited for high density storage in temperature control cold room. COSME’s Microfriction™ pushback offers unparalleled performance with is unique design of its cart mechanism that makes it almost maintenance-free! Our pushbacks can also be fitted with extra wheels for heavier loads that will last for many years even in cold rooms.

Having a well-executed operation that includes the distribution aspect of its supply chain in place is crucial for the success of any business in the food industry. Proper racking solutions not only optimize space and storage capacity but also ensure the timely sorting and distribution of your products. We have the expertise for food-grade racking solutions that are made-to-measure for the food and beverages industry. 

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