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Cantilever Roof Support

Open-air storage is important for large home improvement stores that use the yard space as a storage area. A cantilever roof support system is a necessity due to wintery conditions in North America, especially in Canada, with its share of heavy snow fall. L or T shed cantilevers supported by wooden or metal trusses are ideal for the outdoor storage of raw materials for the construction industry. We have manufactured and installed countless commercial and industrial outdoor storage racking systems across Canada. Our racks are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and are perfect for storing a wide range of products and materials. 

With over 35 years of expertise, COSME inc. is a leader in building palettized storage systems. We handle your project from the design process to production to the installation.

Cantilever roof system using wooden trusses

The outdoor cantilever rack system shown here is used for the storage of lumber.

Cantilever roof system using metal trusses

An outdoor cantilever racking with a self-supported metal roof, used to store palettized loads of lumber.

Roof-supported outdoor cantilever rackings are ideal for the following reasons:

  • The high tensile structural steel used can take loads of over 1 ton per column
  • They are ideal for storage of lumber, steel channels, pipes, tubes, plywood and steel plates and long or irregular shaped items
  • They are ideal at protecting stored materials from harsh weather conditions
  • Cantilever racks can be powder-coated with UV resistant coating and galvanized for outdoor use

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