Food Grade Distribution Center

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Food Grade Distribution Center

A Palettized System for a Food Grade Distribution Center

This distribution warehouse designed for a client in the dairy industry is in Montreal’s Ville St-Laurent district. The facility extends over an area of 120,000 square feet and displays various types of palettized systems set up to work as one for the efficient picking and distribution of dairy products.

The facility includes, among other racking elements:

  • 4 deep Microfriction™ pushbacks that operate in freezing temperatures
  • Upright cantilever leg structural steel pallet racking
  • A 2 level pick tower
  • Span-track carton flow racks with a conveyor
  • High density PVC on roll formed
  • Rack protection accessories: post protectors, end-of-aisle protector, safety nets and safety bars

4 deep Microfriction™ pushback racking that can operate in freezing temperatures in a 20,000 sq. ft2 cold room.

Structural steel upright cantilever legs. Structural Steel can withstand extraordinary pressure like the impacts of a forklift. They will resist the wear and tear of harsh work environments and last a long time.

Post protectors and end-of-aisle protectors are made of structural steel. They protect the uprights of palletized storage systems against damages which can potentially present a dangerous safety hazard and cause a collapse of the storage system.

Safety bars on roll formed pallet racking. They improve safety by preventing misplaced pallets from accidentally falling through the horizontal beams in a racking system.
Perspective view of wire mesh decks. Wire mesh decks are used as an efficient, cost-effective solution to store non-standard pallets or non palletized items within a standard racking configuration.
Safety netting installed at the back of pallet racks helps prevent costly and fatal accidents by preventing the fall of loads from the back. This netting is especially critical where pedestrian pathways are behind the rack.

A 2-level pick tower. View from 1st level of the pick tower at the stairs leading to the 2nd level. Pick towers are ideal for distribution centers with a high degree of volume output and breakdown of palletized loads into cartons.

View from the 2nd level of the pick tower with rows of span-track carton flow racks next to a conveyor on one side and high-density PVC on roll formed racking on the other side.

Project Details

  • Food Grade Distribution Center
  • Undisclosed
  • 2014

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