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The Dexcom Distribution Center

The Dexcom warehouse is an expansive 480,000 sq. ft. facility located in Arizona. It complements and is integrated to their Arizona manufacturing facility. The Dexcom distribution center is yet another example of COSME’s expert knowhow in designing and manufacturing racking systems that fit seamlessly in a company’s operations.

The rack storage system was tailor-made for this manufacturer of medical devices as a distribution center and equipped with various types of racking systems:

Inside the aisles of rows or recessed structural steel uprights mounted with roll form racking. The shelves are fitted with safety bars.
Close-up of the recessed Stucta-rack™ upright. The inverted diagonal base gives forklift operators more manoeuvrability inside the aisles.
A variation of a post-protector from COSME’s Structa-Guard™ line of rack safety products.
The entrance to the aisle with roll form uprights were equipped with end-of-aisle protectors.

Project Details

  • Medical Supplies Warehouse
  • Dexcom
  • 2021

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