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Storage & Distribution Warehouse

The Bouclair Distribution Center

The Bouclair national distribution center, located in Ville St-Laurent, the main industrial district of Montreal, was completed towards the end of 2012. A warehouse of over 190,000 square feet, this project is a perfect example of the seamless integration of various types of racking systems that are contained in a large distribution facility, namely:

Rows of stacked roll-formed rails and beams being readied for installation in a double deep selective roll-formed racking system.
View of the newly installed double deep selective roll-formed racking system. A large portion of the facility was fitted with double deep racking.
Workers on a scissor lift verifying the proper installation of rows of double deep selective roll-formed racking. COSME only works with experienced installation teams.
Underneath view of clip-in safety nets and safety bars. These safety accessories are essential in keeping heavy loads stored high above ground from falling and causing serious injuries.
Horizontal beams being readied for installation on double deep selective roll-formed pallet racking. COSME offer a choice of 5 standard colours to choose from.
View of carton flow racks on double deep pallet racks next to a conveyor. COSME can accessorize its rack storage products with various picking options like conveyors, carton flow racks, wire mesh decks, and more.

Project Details

  • Storage & Distribution Warehouse
  • Bouclair
  • 2012

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