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Tools & Equipment Warehouse

A Tools & Equipment Warehouse

The Princess Auto project in Milton, Ontario, is a warehouse that covers a space of 216,000 square feet. It contains various types of racking systems that includes a pick tower with a safety gate, multiple span track carton flow racks and baby racks (wide span racking) that allows for catwalk spaces.

Perspective view of multiple span track carton flow racks. The warehouse facility’s configuration was setup for the sorting and distribution of goods.
Close-up view underneath of a catwalk using baby racks (wide span racking).
Close-up view of the safety gate
Close-up view of the safety gate. It is designed to protect workers by limiting access to these danger zones. It is Ideal for stairways, loading zones, and other potentially hazardous areas.

Project Details

  • Tools & Equipment Warehouse
  • Princess Auto
  • 2012

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