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Racking Collapse | Warehouse Safety and Conformity Inspection

Warehouse Safety and Conformity Inspection

Warehouse safety is often a concern with the hazards of accidents due to either human error or defective storage equipment. Whether the problem is a damaged posts causing a collapse, or falling loads from a shelf, warehouse accidents can be potentially deadly.

COSME is authorized to perform audit services through a comprehensive conformity assessment to ensure your work environment is compliant with all required standards and regulations. A thorough inspection, with evaluations and tests, is performed by our experienced and certified engineers who will assess the condition of your rack and palletized storage system. By investing in regular warehouse safety inspections, you can prevent accidents, reduce downtime, and avoid costly fines. Our team will provide a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for improving safety and compliance in your facility.

Inspection of your Palettized Storage System

Learn more also about our safety program where you can entrust COSME with your dossier management. We will thoroughly inspect your rack storage system to make sure your work environment remains compliant with the CNESST / OSHA safety regulations all the time.

Protecting your Palettized Storage System

When corrective actions are required, COSME performs the necessary task to repair / safeguard your warehouse against potential work accidents, with a report submitted in the end. You will have peace of mind knowing you operate in a safe work environment.

COSME inc. is certified by the CNESST to perform safety inspections and produce a certificate of conformity for your warehouse’s compliance to your province’s safety regulations

Why is warehouse rack inspection important?

Warehouse racks are designed to hold heavy loads and play a crucial role in the storage and organization of inventory. Over time, wear and tear, as well as potential damage from forklifts or other equipment, can compromise the structural integrity of the racks. Regular inspection of warehouse racks is necessary to identify any issues and address them before they pose a risk to workers or inventory.

Display your pallet rack load rating

Do you know that your pallet rack load ratings should be displayed on your storage system? The load rating is generally established by the manufacturer based on a uniformly distributed load.

The display used to indicate the rated load of the pallet rack should be: