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Rack Safety Products

Structa-Guard: Protection for your Storage System

COSME offers an exhaustive list of rack protection products. These protection accessories will help eliminate costly repairs and recurring damages to the uprights of your racking system. You can put your focus back on running your business knowing you are compliant with work safety regulations with regards to palletized loads and rack storage system.

Below is a list of rack protection equipment for your rack storage system:

Upright Post Protectors

Post protectors are made of structural steel that are extremely resistant. The angled shape helps to deflect rather than to absorb direct frontal impacts and reduces the possibility of rack damage from forklifts and other industrial vehicle. They are a guaranteed protection for the base of pallet racks

End-of-Aisle Protectors

End-of-Aisle Protectors serve practically the same purpose as upright protectors but are installed at the end of each aisle entry. Over time, they will prove to be a wise investment that will protect your rack storage system and safeguard your work environment against costly accidents and serious injuries.

Wire-Mesh Decks

Wire-mesh deckings offers the flexibility to store any type of loads with improved visibility and fire safety across the whole area on any shelf space. They prevent misplaced pallets from accidentally falling through the horizontal beams of your rack system.

Safety Bars

While similar to wire-mesh decks, safety bars allow for the storage of larger and heavier loads. They can also be accessorized with a wire-mesh deck that is placed on top of the safety bars for more support. They are often used for the storage of non-palletized items

Safety Nets

Safety netting installed at the back of pallet racks helps prevent serious accidents by keeping loads from falling off. They come with all necessary attachment hardware for installation. This netting is especially critical where pedestrian pathways are behind the rack.

Stop-Guard Rails

Stop-guard railings are modular in design, interchangeable and offer unlimited configurations. The pieces are made of structural steel tubes that are extremely resistant to forklift impacts. Stop-guards rails can also be made to measure and delivered as 1 welded piece.

Our rack safety products are designed to prevent damage to racks from forklifts, as well as to protect your employees from potential accidents caused by falling or shifting inventory. The easy-to–install rack protection accessories will ensure your racking system is protected.