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Rack Storage Systems

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COSME is proud to introduce its line of products: a complete range of racking systems, from standard pallet racks to industrial mezzanines, and protection accessories for the various sectors of industrial activity that require a storage system. Our team of specialists is always ready to guide you according to the specifications of your project. With over 35 years of expertise as distributors and manufacturers, we offer proven turnkey solutions for all your commercial and industrial warehouse storage needs.
Microfriction Pushback Racking
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Microfriction™ Pushback

The best pushback system ever designed!

Structacant Cantilever
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Structacant™ Cantilever

Structural Steel: built tough, built to last!

Structamezz Mezzanine
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Structamezz™ Mezzanine

Expand in height from within!

Structarack Racking
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Structarack™ Racking

Built for the harshest work environments!

Builders for over 35 years

COSME is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of rack storage systems

Located in the industrial sector of Lasalle, COSME’s factory and offices are housed in a 72,000 sq ft facility. Thanks to our forward-thinking philosophy, COSME has been successful in implementing systems of operations to boost productivity while diversifying our range of products and services. Our executive staff offers over 70 years of combined expertise in the supply chain industry. Why not give us a call, and see what we can build for you.

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